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Random laws you surely haven’t hear of

Random laws you surely haven’t hear of

Posted by on Jan 24, 2016 in Accidents in The Workplace, Random Laws |

Laws are primarily created to prevent people from doing and causing dangerous situations, and preventing them from committing crimes that people consider awful, but in some states and countries lawmakers often get carried away with their work and regulate situations that didn’t happened yet and the situations that probably won’t ever happen. Some of these laws are maybe created because of the danger that these punishable behaviors can cause but some are just there because lawmakers didn’t though thoroughly about laws, their meaning and consequences of applying them. One of the best an interpreter of the law are denver Car accident lawyers.

Oregon has a law that may sound funny to you. This law considers leaving a container of urine or feces on the side of the road misdemeanor, and not just any misdemeanor but a class A misdemeanor. Other than that, throwing a container with these content out of your automobile’s window is also punishable. This prohibition is as clear as a day, and it maybe makes sense, but who on Earth would do something like this?

As well as in every country nowadays, human trafficking is a felony and a very serious crime for which is foreseen maximum sentencing. Pennsylvania however considers that selling and trading of the babies should be specially regulated. This special regulation led to the situation where trading some kind of goods or money for a baby is considered only a misdemeanor not a felony, nor crime, and therefore it is possible that these persons end up sentenced with lighter penalties than that for human trafficking in general.

Rhode Island laws make biting off somebody’s limb a felony for which you can spend up to twenty years in prison. The least you can get is one year in prison. But for being responsible for this crime, there must be an intent of biting off a limb of exactly that victim, if there is not, you are free to go. If you somehow accidentally bite off someone’s limb you are also free to go. This happening accidentally is unlikely to happen, but it is good to know that this is a legitimate defense if you ever find yourself in this situation.

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How to deal with accidents in the workplace

How to deal with accidents in the workplace

Posted by on Jan 24, 2016 in Accidents in The Workplace |

When it comes to safety at work, both employers and the employees are responsible for the workplace to be safe. Employers are responsible for risk assessment, making the safety rules and providing all the safety equipment for the employees, in order to create a safe working environment.

In addition, the employees are obliged to practice safe behavior while working – to use the safety equipment properly and act in accordance with all the safety rules.

When it comes to injury or death in the workplace, employer is the one responsible for reporting it to the Health and Safety Department at their local authority. The cases which should be reported include the following: death, major injuries (such as broken bones), dangerous incidents (such as gas leaking or accidents in mines), injuries that prevent an employee from usual working routine for over three days, and all kinds of diseases. Sometimes it happens that a worker treated for kidney disease, and at the end it turns out that kidney disease misdiagnosis.

If it happens that the employee is injured at work, there are roughly two possible outcomes. First, if it is the employee’s fault for getting injured (e.g. not using the provided safety equipment), he has the right to ordinary paid sick leave.

If it is the employer’s fault that the employee got injured (e.g. not providing the employees with the right safety equipment), then the employee can make a claim for compensation. It needs to be made within the period of three years from the time of the accident, and the legal representative is to be hired to represent the employee.

If the employee is the member of a trade union, he can also use their legal services. In the case of an employee’s death which was due to the employer’s irresponsibility, the family of the deceased can file a lawsuit against the company and ask for damages. Visit chicago Injury attorney for more info.

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